Origin of life on earth

A pictorial history: the Origin of life on Earth

All theories about the origin and evolution of life are the set of paradoxes. Each of them denies the fact of the other theory. But equally elucidates how life could have actually evolved. Take a look at a pictorial history of the origin of life on earth.


An illustration of origin of life on Earth.
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The origin and evolution of life in Oceans, a process called Abiogenesis; that throws light on how life evolved from the inanimate matter. There are certain fossils and pieces of evidence that confirm that life was originated here on earth in the oceans almost 3.5 billion years ago. 

Oparin’s Theory

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The Origin of Life; Oparin’s Theory.

According to Oparins theory, several gases like Methane, Ammonia, Hydrogen, and Water Vapours were the components of the primitive atmosphere. Lightning produced as a result of storms, volcanic eruptions and UV radiations were the key drivers of the chemical reaction. As a result of this chemical reaction, organic molecules, mentioned above, formed that became the part of the primitive ocean. These organic molecules got separated in the form of coacervates that were the ancestors of cells, in this way life evolved on Earth

Panspermia Theory

Life originated from extraterrestrial spores transported by meteors
The beginning of life; Panspermia Theory

According to the Panspermia Theory, life existed from some extra-terrestrial spores transported by meteorites. 

Meteorite Theory

The Meteorite Theory holds a huge importance while we discuss about the Origin of Life. According to this theory, one of the meteorites carrying the right ingredients to start life crashed with the Earth’s Surface. This is how life was started 4 billion years ago. 

Origin of Life on Earth after a meteorite collision

The meteors’ crash on early Earth generated Hydrogen Cyanide like compounds. It seems that it could have started the production of biomolecules required to make the 1st cell.

Meteorite theory for the origin of life
Meteorites crashing on Earth.

Protein interaction world hypothesis

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The origins of life – the “protein interaction world” hypothesis. According to this hypothesis, life emerged as a result of self-reproducing and expanding system of unique protein interactions. It was considered that RNA was evolved first but new researches on Origin of Life deny this fact. 

RNA World Hypothesis

RNA world hypothesis for the origin of life on earth.
An illustration of the RNA world hypothesis

The energy was provided by the Hydrothermal vents. Muddy soils provided sufficient minerals. Vesicles began to form within the organic molecules and self -reproduction of the vesicles also started at the same time. The RNA was supposed to be the first nucleic acid. 

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Stepwise Evolutionary process of biomolecules.

The Evolution of Life

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Life Evolution.
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Evolutionary Chain

Human evolution is the developmental procedure that prompted the rise of anatomically modern humans, starting with the evolutionary history of primates—specifically variety Homo—and prompting the rise of Homo sapiens as unmistakable types of the primate family, the great apes.

Shreds of evidence of Evolution

  • Homologous and Analogous Organs provide significant evidence of the evolutionary process.  
  • Homologous Organs have the same morphology, embryology, and anatomy but are dissimilar in function, like Bat’s wing, a wing of a bird, Human hand, and forelimb of a horse.
Analogous organs
Analogous organs are those that have evolved from the different ancestral lineage but they perform the same function. E.g, wings of insects bats and birds.
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