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From Assistant to the Competitor: The Rise of ChatGPT as a Replacement for human interaction

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Syeda Ambreen Zafar
Syeda Ambreen Zafarhttps://scientiamag.org
Syeda Ambreen Zafar is a software engineer. She's very keen in space sciences amd astronomy. She mostly writes on Space Science, social issues and conspiracy theories.  She loves to write fictional stories on horror, mystery and suspense.

The rise of chatGPT from OpenAI, was initially established as a non-profit platform. It was later transitioned to a for-profit model with a capped return for investors. Although, Elon Musk was one of the original co-founders but Microsoft has been a major partner and investor in OpenAI.

ChatGPT has not merely revolutionized human approaches to do any job but also changed their perspectives about machines. ChatGPT is a simple yet powerful open source(free) chatbot, which was launched on November 30th, 2022.

ChatGPT is an acronym for chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer. OpenAI has trained this model on an enormous amount of data which includes humans, animals, spiritual world, science, arts, mathematics, computer, commerce, business, entertainment, psychology and so much more.

Eventually, numerous sectors adopted this platform to perform their daily tasks. Especially in the field of education, teachers are using it to make difficult assignments and students are using it to solve them. Even Though, some institutions have banned chatGPT. Specifically, two international universities, Sciences Po in Paris and RV University in Bengaluru, India, have banned the use of AI tools and only a third of US Universities have obligated their staff and students to use AI tools but still students are highly indulged in this AI enchantment which almost killed their learning and creativity process.

However, there are always merits and demerits to everything. In spite of being smart, on one hand if it has fully automated the calculation, writing or decision making process, it still lacks in human rationale and wisdom, on another. As it can perform only as per the data used to train the model.

Capabilities Humans can not posses

It interacts with millions of users concurrently around the world and works 24-7 without getting bored, tired or miscalculates things. It produces results within seconds. Which humans can not achieve in real time.

OpenAI developed chatGPT in such a way that it could not produce any inappropriate or non sense results but still OpenAI does not claim its full perfection. Peculiarly, when it comes to writing, the quality of content is not more than average. One should not fully trust it, If they want good quality content and sometimes it also generates wrong results.

However, it has passed the MBA and Medical exams “with flying colors”. Experts claim that it will replace numerous jobs in future like software developers, story and article writers, poets, mathematicians, accountants, business consultants, taxation advisor, legal advisor, policemen, detectives or even the judges in the courtroom. Which would be the real rise of the robots.

ChatGPT interacts with millions of users concurrently around the world, it works 24-7 and never gets tired or miscalculates things.

Recently, Columbian courtroom has used chatGPT to decide over a legal issue of an autistic child. Even, a Pakistani courtroom has used chatGPT Plus as an experiment to deliver a verdict.

Moreover, when it comes to solving problems in the field. ChatGPT can perform way more economically and efficiently than humans. Which is really an alarming situation for people but when there are sentiments involved, when we talk about care, concession and compensation, chatGPT loses its score immensely.

Even though, the initial version, ChatGPT 3.5, trained on large language models and several other types of models but still does not have access to the internet to get the latest updates. Therefore, it does not have any updates after september 2021. The knowledge is limited but only the standard form of knowledge is provided to maintain the quality and standardization of the content and also to minimize the chance of producing silly responses. Recently, OpenAI has launched chatGPT plus which is an advanced, complex and enhanced version of GPT 3.5 but it is not available as an open source.

As a Software Engineer, as I am working in AI Lab and doing research on different AI models, assessing chatGPT 3.5 and 4’s functionality and utilizing it in different scenarios.

ChatGPT plus has more capabilities with access to the internet so the training and efficiency has beaten GPT3.5. In order to avoid the performance delay, GPT plus uses third party plugins to process the prompts(queries). As GPT 3.5 revolutionized the whole world affairs, GPT plus has revolutionized the GPT 3.5 capabilities.

Therefore, it is available exclusively to premium users. One must pay at least $20 a month to acquire its services. It works with plugins to render various services like finding a nearby restaurant, planning a trip, booking a flight, bitcoin rates, stock market prices, finding a job and whatever more you can imagine. The plugin store is still growing and other developers can add their own plugins to the store.

Furthermore, unlike GPT 3.5, chatGPT plus can also accept and process images to encounter questions related to that. It can respond way more smarter than its previous version. OpenAI’s experts claim that it can even act as a companion to console one’s emotions or act as an agent for rendering different services.

It is capable of doing autonomous scientific research and has the ability to process complex problems and instructions. Now, the OpenAI will launch chatGPT-5 in December this year and experts are thinking about how capable it would be to replace humans.

However, chatGPT may be more efficient, capable, loyal, smart and hard working but still it does not have the ability to process human emotions and not just make decisions according to the rules of law but also for the sake of humanity. If we want to make this world a better place then never let Machines take over you. You can do that by not fully relying on performing the daily routine jobs. Keeping it as an assistant would be a better idea.


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