The Moon Gallery

Celebrating fifty years of the Moon landing

The Moonwalk

These pictures are of two astronaut footing on the Moon’s Gray sand. The Moon’s surface appear gray due to the presence of various metals and gases like silicon, iron, calcium, magnesium, and oxygen

The MoonWalk
The Moonwalk

The full Moon

The entire Moon’s surface is illuminated by the sun rays. It is actually the lunar phase of the moon when the moon appears fully illuminated with the Earth’s surface perspective.

An image of 90.3% Full Moon

A full Moon night

This picture shows different phases of the moon during night time. The Moon depicts strong feminine energy. It actually signifies wisdom, intuition, birth, death, reincarnation, and a spiritual connection. Thus, each phase of the moon symbolizes a unique visual characteristic and spiritual meaning. 

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Different phases of the moon during a night

The moon’s rocky surface

This picture shows the Moon’s rocky surface which is actually rocky and under the cover of a couple of craters.  The lunar mountain ranges are surrounded with the edges of large flat plains.

A view of a large rock

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Lunar rocky surface

The Lunar Eclipse

A Lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes by very close to or the shadow of the Earth. This can only happen when the Earth, Sun, and Moon are closely aligned with Earth between the two. The Lunar Eclipse is mostly seen on the night of the full moon.

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Different phases of a lunar eclipse
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Total Lunar Eclipse

The Moon’s direction Chart

These are the pictures of a Moon Direction Chart. The Moon Direction Chart tells about the current position of the moon. With the help of this chart, we can see in which direction the moon will appear each day.

The Red Moon transformation

Red Moon Transformation actually holds a lot of spiritual significance. A Red Moon or Blood moon is actually the poetic depiction of “Total Lunar Eclipse” that occurs during a supermoon. 

Super Blood Moon

The Blood Moon

A blood moon occurs when the Earth directly passes between the Sun and the Moon, blocking the light from the Sun, the moon is then plunged into the shadow of our Earth’s light, also called umbra. 

A stunning view of the blood moon of 2017
This is another picture showing the transformation phases of the Blood Moon.

The Waxing Gibbous moon

Around a week later after the first appearance of the crescent, half of the moon’s surface illuminated at first quarter moon. These parts continue to grow into a full illuminated moon which is called waxing gibbous moon.

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Waxing gibbous moon seen through the withered trees.

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