The possible cure for the Conversion disorder

The best way to treat conversion disorder is to focus on the problems due to which the patient is mentally sick.

More often we get to resolve our problems either by finding an appropriate solution or we come to chaos, get annoyed, and lash out on others. But there is such a scenario when you can neither resolve the problem nor can get the anger out of it. For instance, if a close suspect or a relative died in a terrible accident, you cannot make him alive, nor can you fight upon that why he is dead? Either way, you have to bear it. 

In a battle-field, a soldier initially got in a shock when he saw his companions assassinated in front of him and still, he fights for his survival and kills innocent people whom he has no personal enmity, sometimes it includes children and women.

He kills those which he might not want to, which makes him depressed and dejected. There is a separate war going on the sidelines between his patriotism and the sense of humanity. That’s why the soldiers returning from the battlefield have to face severe nature of mental pressure that no one could understand.

Let’s come to the third example of a daughter-in-law which is in a weak condition of every sort in his lawsuit, ruthless, and there is no one to support her. Neither she can get herself rid of that environment, nor can she get bash on someone.

All the reasons discussed above are the leading causes of Conversion disorder. A person who feels intensely trapped in his problems and unable to resolve them purposefully, his mind starts trying to get rid of such issues unintentionally in such a way which will help him to come out of such a situation. Take that example of the painful death of a loved one, one might face disabilities of seeing, hearing, or in movement. In such a situation, the entire home and its environment got traps in some unhealthy issues and everyone’s focus diverges to the latest problem. Most often, it happens when a person thinks himself responsible for the incident and punishes himself unintentionally.

Lets we once again focus on the example of the fierce battle, there were many events in the World War I and II, in which soldiers faced astigmatism, their hands & feet got paralyzed or they being blind for some time. Despite complete inspection, no physical illness identified. This connection was a significant breakthrough for the conversion disorder, whereas in contrary to the general theory, men were having physical problems due to mental stress. His consciousness forced them to fight, and the unconsciousness wanted to get rid of this extreme environment. Physical disabilities were the respected solution to all this. Even today, soldiers in close combat areas suffer these problems.

Now comes to the third example of people with domestic violence, especially women who have little choices for their life decisions, nor have they been able to experience such issues that they can get the relevant solutions.

Commonly the way women sort out to diverge their attention from such problems is to avoid them at all. They used to scold the children, fight with other women on useless matters or focus on Bungie spending. All these are some conscious solutions to get rid of severe stress and when it gets unbearable, the brain tries to remove the anxiety through unconsciousness solutions, i.e., constant headache, kidney pain, any dangerous disease, cancer or heart disease.

Still, we have not come across to the most important disease of our society, the symptoms of demoniacs, to become unconscious frequently, talking in a nonsense voice, seeing off the evil creatures are the most common type of conversion in Pakistan. Remember some essential things to recognize the conversion. The first thing that it is very similar to the epilepsy is both have sensory disturbance, twitching of arms, and legs and scum from the mouth.

Here a clear difference is that the patient usually gets severe injuries due to sudden fall in epilepsy as well as the urine goes wrong and the tongue cut by the teeth, but this is not the case in conversion in which unconsciousness remains sharp and reduces the possibility of severe injuries due to sudden fall. Conversion disorder usually happens in the visitor’s presence as well as when the patient is awake. These symptoms don’t show off in the state of a deep sleep, drug addiction, or hypnosis.

Some essential things in the treatment of conversion disorder must keep in consideration, the first thing is that the patient does not aware of his condition and what he is going through, so never think that the patient is deceiving you. All this happens due to miss-interpretation of his/her unconsciousness. Therefore, the patient should refer to specialists for diagnosis of conversion disorder so that physical analysis can be performed. An MRI scan of the brain concludes that whether it is epilepsy or conversion disorder. One should never domestically treat such mental illness.

The best way to treat conversion disorder is to focus on the problems due to which the patient is mentally depressed. Remember that treating mental illness is always the most critical responsibility of a specialist, like physical illness. The most crucial role that their relatives and companions can play is to understand the problem of the patient and to support him utmost. Do not force them to behave in the right way as it is impossible for them unless they got completely healthy.

NOTE: The article originally wrote in Urdu and Translated into English by Team Scientia.

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