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Monthly Archives: June, 2019

Gene Edited Babies

A Chinese scientist claims of producing a gene edited babies by utilizing the basic principles of gene editing.

Space X launches its Falcon Heavy rocket

SpaceX marks a historic milestone on June 25th when its mega-rocket Falcon Heavy successfully launched more than two dozen satellites in one of the most...

Improving quality & productivity of crops using Genetic engineering

The history of agriculture traces back to 10,000 BC when, according to archaeologists, first crops i.e. wheat was cultivated in different areas of the...

Gene therapy: cure for Genetic disorders and chronic diseases

The promising techniques could provide cure for fatal diseases and thus could change the lives of millions.

Promoting psychological wellbeing: Enlightening Note from Zaufishan Qureshi

Zaufishan Qureshi is a Clinical Psychologist and an Educationist based in Islamabad

Take the risk or lose the chance

The identity crisis in youth

Consanguineous marriages and genetic ailments in Pakistan

Pakistan needs a mass campaign to aware the people about the problems of inter-family marriages.

Youth participation in effective environment protection

Youngsters can assume a functioning job in ensuring and improving the earth. They can change their way of life and how it influences nature.

Seven Types of Pollution

Pollution is causing an unimaginable amount of damage to the environment.

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