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Friday, February 23, 2024
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Maham Maqsood

Maham Maqsood is the Managing Editor at Scientia Pakistan. She has done her Bachelors from Quaid-i-Azam University in Biochemistry. An avid reader and a freelance writer, Maham has worked for several organizations including Globalizon and MIT Technology Review Pakistan.

Waging a war against cancer using our fighter cells

For cancer treatment, one area has caught the attention of researchers and scientists who believe it to be the getaway: Immunotherapy.

A look at the case of Thalassemia in Pakistan

The blood disorder of thalassemia occurs around the world and some of its sub-types are extremely lethal.

Venturing into the 60s and the current status of space research in Pakistan with Dr. Tariq Mustafa

The world looked at us as a role model; Pakistan’s GDP was growing, then, unfortunately, with the 71 happenings in East Pakistan, etc., the growth rate went down. So many factors are responsible, but primarily, I think what is in our control is our leadership. And that is where we have not been able to do a good job.

Talking climate change, disaster management, and the geological state of Pakistan with Dr. Qasim Jan

Being one of the most prominent geologists in Pakistan, Dr. Qasim Jan is a recognized international scientist and has received many awards, including TI,...

Looking at the ‘Anti’ in Antinutrients

It can be said without a doubt that every person is aware of the term ‘nutrient.’ We hear it almost every day from TV...

Deadly flames: How the great fire wrecked Rome and the words, Nero

Just on the edge of the sea at Anzio's town sits a gigantic statue of the Roman emperor Nero. The only monument to a...

Navigating the aerospace industry with Anique Ajmal Siddiqui

From SpaceX sending missions to the International Space Station to the development of state-of-the-art passenger planes, the aerospace industry worldwide seems to be moving...

Philanthropic contribution in the healthcare system of Pakistan

While walking into a public hospital in Pakistan, one should be prepared for the depressing sights. From beds overflowing with patients to long lines...

Prof Dr. Sabieh Anwar on Molding the challenges of Online Education into Opportunities

The current crisis has gripped every possible area of human life. All spheres of life have not just been significantly touched but will be...

How we achieved the feat of eradicating smallpox from planet earth

The exact origin of how smallpox came to be is not known, but it dates to thousands of years ago.

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