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Can Marine Heat Waves Lead to Mass Extinction?

The marine heatwave of 2013, acted as a catalyst for the growth of harmful algal blooms in the region.

Spiders on Mars? The truth behind the mysterious clusters on the Red Planet

Perhaps material such as magma or sand is seeping through fractured sheets of Martian rock.

Healthy diets increase the economic and physical feasibility of 1.5°C

A more sustainable, flexitarian diet increases the feasibility of the Paris Agreement climate goals in different ways.

Einstein and Hawking: Great Minds of Two Eras

They led special lives but many instances can be compared that show how they were much different yet very similar at the same time.

How AI Impacts Creativity

Just because AI can rival creativity doesn't mean it's terrible for all creative processes.

Elementary kids making Pakistan proud

The team is now heading to GLOBAL FINALS which is going to be held in May 2023 in Kansas City.

The mysterious origin of water on Earth

Either the Moon-forming impact was insufficient to vapourize all existing water or brought to Earth by some other means.

Journeying through the history of science with Dr. Paul Halpern

We should be masters of technology not its servants and I always choose very carefully which technology I should use.

Science for Society

In the modern era, science has become deeply interwoven with society and played a massive part in making our lives better and safer.

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