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Friday, February 23, 2024
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Uncovering the roots: A journey through Pre-Socratic natural philosophy

The ideas of Pre-Socratics laid the foundation for developing Western philosophy and science.

Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

In a world where time warps and particles dance to the tune of probability lies the intersection of two of the greatest theories in physics:

Science and the Environment: An overview of discoveries and research

The environment will continue to be a topic of interest to humans because of our dependence on it and its resources.

Is Atom Bomb for the greater good of mankind?

Alterations in air and water temperature, wind speed, and precipitation rates hamper the efficiency of nuclear facilities and risk their safety.

The Scientific advancements in Islamic golden age

It was an era of incredible scientific, social, cultural, philosophical, and economic buoyancy in the history of Islam.

Astronomy Breakthroughs in 2022

It won’t be wrong if we document the year 2022, as the year of amazing spatial discoveries.

Problems involving interstellar communication

It would take centuries for establishing the first contact, as far as the math is concerned.

Geology and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence

Scientists believe that before 4 billion years ago, the earth's surface has melted in the final stage of its creation.

Probing into the Atmospheres of Exoplanets with Dr. Munazza K. Alam

With Hubble, we were observing at optical wavelengths and with JWST we have access to the infrared. We also have higher resolution, higher precision, and higher telescope stability. So the data quality is much better than before! 

Fermi Paradox— A scary realization

The Fermi Paradox gives us the most reasonable and sound theories regarding the existence of Alien life.

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