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Muniba Usman

Muniba Usman is a high school teacher and teaching trainer by profession. She has a BS (HONS) in Microbiology and a diploma in Textile and Fashion design. She has a strong passion for research, arts, reading and writing. She has written many scientific articles and fiction stories for children.

The Challenges of Scientific Research in the Modern Era

This is not an easy job to be analyzed critically now and then but to realize the fact; that it’s crucial for the growth of scientific methodologies and the advancement of science itself.

Excessive use of Technology links with Neurochemistry of the Brain

We are extensively exposed to our environment's non-ionizing radiation .

Impacts of Carbon Footprints on the Water Cycle of Earth

Global warming triggers changes in the global water cycle and primarily impacts the increase in vapour pressure in the atmosphere.

Female Educational Leaders in Science and Technology

From recruitment and selection to retirement, women struggle to navigate their careers in gender inequality atmosphere.

How AI Impacts Creativity

Just because AI can rival creativity doesn't mean it's terrible for all creative processes.

The consequences of long-COVID and post-COVID

Ever since the emergence of COVID-19, it has caused the ripples of research in biomedical sciences, pathology, virology, genetics, pharmacology and drug designing.

The Scientific advancements in Islamic golden age

It was an era of incredible scientific, social, cultural, philosophical, and economic buoyancy in the history of Islam.

Astronomy Breakthroughs in 2022

It won’t be wrong if we document the year 2022, as the year of amazing spatial discoveries.

Astrobiology: Microscopic life on a macroscopic scale

Microbiologists have spent the decades to study extremophiles, to find out the origin of life on Earth.

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