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The Dynamic and Energetic team Scientia.

Pakistan’s Dr. Afzal shortlists for Nature Research Awards 2021 for Driving Global Impact


Pakistan’s Team Foxtrot bags awards at IMechE UAS Challenge

Foxtrot is a student-run team based in Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and  Technology (GIKI), which specializes in building planes, drones, and...

UAE’s probe finds Auroras on the skies of the Red Planet

A probe sent by the United Arab Emirates to study the Martian atmosphere has caught and brought us mesmerizing images of the beautiful natural...

Pakistani Startup TransHelp selected among top teams by Gilead Sciences Hackathon for HIV 2021

The TransHelp - a Pakistan-based Startup, become the first Pakistani startup to be selected among the top 10 finalists across 31 countries for its...

Cosmic Tribe’s Interdisciplinary Arts and Science exhibition recognized internationally

Cosmic Tribe’s Achievement Unlocked! Dark Skies Gaze Back, which is an Interdisciplinary Art & Sciences exhibition has been recognized internationally by International Dark-Sky Association....

NASA’s Perseverance rover, living up to its name, lands on Mars

The NASA Perseverance rover, launched in 2020, successfully landed on Mars after completing a journey of 292.5 million-mile from Earth. The touchdown was 'flawless'...

Achievement unlocked: Saadeqa Khan, CEO of Scientia Pakistan, selected as a finalist for 2021 FDM everywoman in Technology Awards

Scientia Pakistan's CEO, Ms. Saadeqa Khan, is among the finalists for the 2021 FDM everywoman in Technology Awards. She is a science journalist based...

A celestial duo: Cosmic giants Saturn and Jupiter pose together in the sky

On 21st December 2020, after sunrise, stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts took their positions near the telescopes and captured pictures of the planetary conjunction of...

Pakistani student develops an animation on “Enceladus – Alien Ocean” in collaboration with International University

Syed Muneeb Ali, a student of Physics at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University), Lahore, has collaborated with a renowned planetary scientist, Dr. Nozair...

Inspiring, Powerful, Top-notch. Dr. Asifa Akhtar receives 2021 Leibniz Prize

Dr Asifa Akhtar has been selected to receive the most distinguished prize in Germany: The Leibniz Prize! The award has acknowledged and estimated her...

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