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The Dynamic and Energetic team Scientia.

30 for 30: New Hubble images marking its birthday released

The images released by Hubble since it started working 30 years ago have served as amazing windows to see the universe in new ways....

Two blanched bodies of the rich man and slave were found in Pompeii

Both of them seem to be running to escape the volcanic lava as they have clenched teeth and fists.

First Pakistani Youth Organization to be a Finalist for Taiwan Asia-Pacific Social Innovation Award

The Youth Advocacy Council Pakistan has been a finalist among eight aspiring organizations from 19 Asia-Pacific countries by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs...

Hayabusa-2 sample return mission lands in Australian desert

The Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa 2 brings a small cache of asteroid Ryugu's rocks to the Earth.

Catch the Orionid meteor shower before it goes away

For those who seek, skies always have something to offer. Last week, the Orionid meteor shower peaked but don't worry if you missed it...

Osiris-Rex spacecraft lands on asteroid Bennu for collecting dust samples

The Osiris-Rex spacecraft has completed its audacious tag-and-go manoeuvre designed to grab surface rock from an asteroid.

NASA reaches out to Pakistani school kids’ questions about space exploration

After questions from Pakistani school kids created a buzz on social media, prompting responses from astronauts, the space agency NASA and its STEM engagement...

The feasts being offered by the Fall skies

For the folks longing for some stargazing events, here is a compilation of everything coming up in the skies of the fall season. It...

A pocketful of stars brought to you by Hubble

A new image has been revealed by NASA that was taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. It shows the globular cluster NGC 1805...

New image by Hubble shows a tilted galaxy

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured an image featuring the blue and orange stars of the galaxy called NGC 2188. On a closer...

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