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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Hassaan Bin Zaki

Hassaan Bin Zaki is a Space Science graduate, a passionate public speaker and an enthusiastic creative content writer. He is the Founding President of the Society of Astronomy and Space Technology (SAST). He is also the Project Lead of Rah-e-Qamar Pvt. Ltd. for Karachi Chapter which is a space-based private company. He holds a vision to evolve his country in making breakthroughs in the field of Space Science and Technology and to unleash the true potential of his country in front of the world in each and every field.

How astronomy influences meteorology and the weather

This blog discusses the effects of astronomy on meteorology, explaining how solar and lunar eclipses, planetary movements, and other factors impact the climate. 

Space Migration: Anthropology and Future of Humanization of Space

Space migration has long been considered a viable solution to address environmental problems on Earth.

Satellite Technology: Space Strategy for Evolution in Defense and National Security

Now advanced countries are stepping to launch satellite constellations with a web of thousands of satellites launching and operating for different purposes.

Exoplanets: The Possible Aliens’ World

The human quest is continuously pulling its threads to make some real breakthroughs and answer our existence's mysteries.

Future of Space Science: What’s Next?

When you look up at the skies, you may have asked yourself a question. What lies beyond these skies? The question followed by many...

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