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Amna Fatima

Amna is a dedicated high school student with an inextinguishable passion for delving into the realms of Quantum physics and chemistry. As a Science demonstrator for the Khwarizmi Science Society, Amna showcased her skills at the Lahore Science Mela 2023, demonstrating the Large Hadron Collider Interactive Tunnel (LHC-IT). Beyond her scientific pursuits, she also has a strategic mind on the chessboard. Her skills have earned her the rank of 4th best player in the province of Punjab.

Unveiling the Mystery: Antimatter Dances with Gravity

One of the most intriguing aspects of antimatter is its behaviour under the influence of gravitational force.

Recent Breakthrough and Advancements in Covid-19 Vaccine

A couple of companies worldwide have invented different variations of a Covid-19 vaccine; a few are mRNA vaccines.

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