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Suhail Yusuf
Advisory Board

Suhail Yusuf has been a science writer and activist for more than two decades. He worked in almost all spheres of journalism such as Radio, TV, print, and web. He has main focus on environment and health sciences for development and innovation. Currently he is working as feature editor, science and health reporter in Express News website.

Dr .Ghulam Sarwar
Advisory Board

originally from Quetta, is a geologist who holds two masters and PHD degrees from the University of Karachi and the University Of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. His career spans university teaching, American oil company employment up to senior levels, consulting, and geology/ science based lecturing.

Well known in Pakistan for his pioneering research and publications (1974-2017) on the tectonics and mega-structure of the mountain belts in Pakistan – and for his free outreach geology/science based university lectures in Pakistan (2006-2018). 

Fawwad Raza
Advisory Board

Fawwad Raza is a Digital Journalist and working as a member Editorial team in ARY News. He is History graduate from University of Karachi, blogger and a passionate traveler. He also conducts various training sessions of digital Journalism for students and working journalists.

Saadeqa Khan
Editorial Board

Saadeqa Khan is a freelance science journalist based in Quetta. She actively contribute with Dawn, Express Tribune, Daily Jang and other Pakistani publications. She’s a science fiction novelist and a skilled interpreter.

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Maham Maqsood
Editorial Board

Maham is a student of Biochemistry at Quaid-e-Azam University. She never limits herself, Nature and surroundings fuel her passions and the fire of curiosity encourages her to express herself in the form of writing and creating art. Being an avid reader and admirer of the Universe, she inspires by everything from the tiniest of atoms to the gigantic cosmos.

Khola Abid
Editorial Board

Khola Abid is in her fourth year of Pharm at UVAS, Lahore. She is interested in the history and development of Science. She is a senior member of Scientia's editorial team.

Muhammad Abdullah Khan
Editorial Board

Muhammad Abdullah Khan had done bachelors in Chemistry from Government College University Lahore. He is a science enthusiast and loves to read and write about astronomy, cosmology and latest scientific endeavors in space.

Mubaris Bashir
Social Media Head

Mubaris Bashir Ahmad is a student of MBBS at Northwest School of Medicine, Peshawar. He works as a freelance writer at PakistanInfo and Scientia. He also manages a ‘Science and Tech’ blog on social media, called ‘PakiScience’. Mubaris is head of Scientia Pakistan’s social media team.

Iram Farooq
Social Media Team

Iram Farooq is an amateur astronomer based in Faisalabad. She’s an aspiring astronaut for NASA. She loves astronomy from her childhood and has a vast collection of astrophotographs worldwide. She believes that ‘Imagination is more powerful than knowledge

Aniqa Mazhar
Content Writer

Aniqa Mazhar doing BS in Biochemistry from Quiad e Azam University, divides her time between writing, movies, novels and several kinds of artwork, Keen observer and photographer of nature and object, Plans to be a nutritionist in the future.


The dynamic editorial team of Scientia Magazine.

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