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Meet our dedicated


Saadeqa Khan

Founder, CEO, & Editor-in-Chief

Saadeqa Khan is the founder, CEO, & Editor-in-Chief of Scientia Pakistan. She's a member of the Oxford Climate Journalism Network (Second Cohort) and NASW. Saadeqa is a fellow of NPF Washington, The Falling Walls Foundation, and the Science Journalism Forum. Saadeqa has won several international journalism grants and awards for her reports.

Fouz Siddiqui

Co-founder & Chief Information Officer

Fouz Siddiqui is a writer, academic and scientific management person. Presently, he is a Co-founder and Chief Information Officer at Scientia Magazine. As CIO, he oversees the implementation and strategization of Scientia's technological and scientific vision. Concurrently, In academia, he holds a Lecturer and QM position at ATH - IST. As an academic, his research interests are Exoplanetary Sciences within Astronomy. Furthermore, he also works with Kainaat Studios, as its Manager of Science Outreach.

Dr. Salman Hameed

Advisory Board Member

Dr Salman is the founder & CEO of Kainaat Studios, that creates Astronomy Content for Audiences in Urdu and English accross the Global South. Prof. Dr. Hameed currently holds the Charles Taylor Chair of Integrated Science & Humanities at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Science communication is a passion for Dr. Hameed, and he has been engaged in popularizing science and astronomy for over 30 years.

Zarrar Khuhro

Advisory Board Member

Zarrar Khuhro is a current affairs commentator and analyst. He is the co-host of Zara Hut Kay—a current affairs programme on Dawn News, where he has covered numerous segments of science and technology related news. He also writes regular columns for Al Jazeera English and Dawn. Prior to joining the Dawn group, he was magazine editor for The Express Tribune. Khuhro has worked extensively in both print and electronic media.

Dr Muhammad Mustafa

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Muhammad Mustafa is a distinguished educationist, researcher, and Assistant Professor at the School of Life Sciences, Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) in Lahore, Pakistan. With a deep commitment to promoting science for all, he actively contributes to shaping the educational landscape as a member of the Single National Curriculum Committee (SNCC) under the Federal Ministry of Education and Professional Training. As a joint secretary of the Khwarizmi Science Society since 2016,

Alina Malik

Co-founder & Creative Manager

Alina Malik is one of the co-founders of Scientia Magazine, she has been managing our creative portfolio for the website and social media! Her flair for design and social portfolio has helped us to always elevate Scientia to newer heights!

Gull e Lalah Saleem

Social Media Manager & Science Writer

Gull-e-lalah is a Science Writer and Social Media Executive at Scientia Magazine. She is also a scientist, working in the field of Biotechnology and Molecular Pathology, and has a strong passion for science writing, demonstration and teaching.

Owais Ahmed

Social Media Executive & Communicator

Syed Owais is a space science student and a Social Media Executive at Scientia Magazine.

Muneeb Siddiqui

Jr. Graphics Designer & Social Media Executive

Muneeb is a Jr. Graphics Designer & Social Media executive at Scientia Magazine.

Muneeba Usman

Science Writer

Muniba Usman is a high school teacher and teaching trainer by profession. She has a BS (HONS) in Microbiology and a diploma in Textile and Fashion design. She has a strong passion for research, arts, reading and writing. She has written many scientific articles and fiction stories for children.

Dr Hunain Riaz

Science Writer

Syed Hunain Riaz is a Physician with expertise and experience in Endocrinology & Metabolism with a passion to elicit change through dissemination and application of precise knowledge. He is a space enthusiast, avid reader ( sci fi especially ), blog writer, amateur photographer ( Astro & every day), and gamer. Writing interests include preventive & lifestyle medicine, human biology and disease, AI and its human interactions.

Bilal Ghori

Software Engineer

Bilal Ghouri is a Sotware Engineer, associated with HTTP.200 for last couples of years. At Scientia, he has been developing our website and providing us help with technical support in context of Scientia's transformation into the tech world.

Maham Maqsood

Co-founder & Managing Editor

Maham Maqsood is the Managing Editor at Scientia Pakistan. She has done her Bachelors from Quaid-i-Azam University in Biochemistry. An avid reader and a freelance writer, Maham has worked for several organizations including Globalizon and MIT Technology Review Pakistan.

Dr Faisal Ur Rahman

Advisory Board Member

Syed Faisal Ur Rahman is the Co-founder and CTO Blockchain Laboratories, LLC. He is also a Resident Scientist (equivalent to an Associate Professor of Practice) at LUMS. Dr Faisal brings a diversified skill set encompassing astrophysics, data science, blockchain and software engineering, accumulated over 15 years in the fields. Faisal is actively involved in two major radio astronomy collaborations, namely EMU ASKAP and WALLABY ASKAP.

Suhail Yusuf

Advisory Board Member

Suhail Yusuf is a science journalist with more than twenty years of experience in both Urdu and English science journalism. He was serving as feature editor in Express-News earlier until 2023. Now, he has been working as independent science writer & journalist - He is an active member of Scientia's Advisory board.

Fawwad Raza

Advisory Board Member

Syed Fawwad Naqi Raza is a former award winning journalist from Pakistan. He is a Founding Advisor of Scientia Pakistan Magazine. Being a journalist, he served as a News Editor in ARY News and also wrote blogs on leading news websites. He is also a business graduate from UWE Bristol, England. Syed is currently serving as a Business Digitization Strategist with several Pakistani and UK based companies.

Dr. Nayyar Alam Zaigham

Advisory Board Member

It is indeed a privilege for us to have a gem like Dr. Nayyar Alam Zaigham on Scientia's advisory board. Prof Dr. Nayyam Alam Zaigham is a renowned geoscientist. He has been in academia for over 40 years and was the director of KU's Institute of Environmental Studies. He also taught at King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Alam is the former director of the geological survey of Pakistan. He has hundreds of research papers on his credit. He conducted in-depth research on several geological catastrophes like Karachi-Clifton Urban Planning and the Arabian/ Persian Gulf issue in Riyadh.

Yawar Hussain

Co founder & Web administrator

Yawar Hussain is one of the Co-founders at Scientia Magazine, he is also a veteran web developer and design instructor, he has been associated with us since the great start, and managing the online web presence of Scientia.

Bashir Ahmed

Social Media Advisor

Bashir Ahmad is a medical student and an aspiring reconstructive surgeon. He manages Pakscience, a social media platform dedicated to Pakistan's science, tech and education stories. He's been associated with Scientia's mission since 2019.

Rebah Tanvir

Science Communicator

Rebah Tanvir, a science communicator at Scientia Pakistan aims to empower young South Asian scientists with the tools needed to thrive in STEM fields. She advocates sustainability initiatives and has worked with not-for-profit organizations on SDG-driven projects to build a brighter future for her community. Rebah is a Biosciences graduate from COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan with research in Astrobiology. She's currently associated with the World Space Week Association’s 2024 project on space and climate change.

Adnan Mirza

Science Writer

Adnan Baig is a space science graduate who also served as a student research assistant at the Leibniz Institute of Astrophysics, Potsdam, Germany. He has co-authored several international research publications. Adnan is interested in space research, astrophysics, environmental science, nature photography, writing, reading and watching movies and anime.

Syeda Laiba Tayyab

Science Writer

Laiba is a Biochemst (MS) from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. Being a movie enthusiast, she's been reviewing science related movies and documentaries. She has been a part of our team since the founding days of Scientia.

Maira Masood

Science Writer

Maira Masood is a BS Biosciences student at NUST, Pakistan. She aspires to be a geneticist and wants to play an active part in spreading scientific awareness through writings.