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Dr. Syed Hunain Riaz

Dr Syed Hunain Riaz is a Physician with expertise and experience in Endocrinology & Metabolism with a passion for eliciting change through the dissemination and application of precise knowledge. He is a space enthusiast, avid reader, blog writer, amateur photographer ( Astro & every day), and gamer. Writing interests include preventive & lifestyle medicine and psychosocial issues. Dr. Hunain believes in limitless creativity and productivity of the human mind. Nature of consciousness, reality, and patterns in the universe are areas of special interest. He can be reached at syedhunain@gmail.com

Love-Hate Relationship between the Gut Microbiota and the Brain

The gut, where microbiota are located, has mainly been postulated to be the primary site of pathologies that give rise to neurodegenerative diseases.

AI and Consciousness: A Possibility or a Dystopic Dream?

AI is influencing our lives in a subtle yet impactful manner where our decisions are based on patterns.

Chronic diseases: An interplay of infections and our genome

Chronic and especially cardiometabolic diseases are the culmination of multiple risk factors ranging from genetic predispositions and sedentary lifestyles to stress.

SENTIENCE in the Cosmos: Possibilities and Implications

Scientists and organizations should keep open minds and preserve the niche of abstract ideas and possibilities. 

The Nabateans: A History Preserved in Rocks

The Nabateans were Arabs, originated from Southern Arabia and eventually settled in the area of present-day Southern Jordan.

Space and the Human Body: An Overview of Research at ISS

Astronauts would probably be genetically tweaked to lose the stress and fear response so that they would remain calm.

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