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Gobinda Parasad Pokharel

Gobinda Prasad Pokharel is a Science and Environment writer From Nepal.

Nepal’s Scientist Dr Dhimal Honors as International Science Council Fellow

Environmental Health Scientist Recognized Among 100 Global Fellows for Exceptional Achievements in Science and Sustainability

Efforts against Nuclear Warheads

The release of the movie Oppenheimer has increased the global momentum for nuclear disarmament. Activists call for ratifying Nepal's Treaty for Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

Science Journalism needs voices from South Asia- Siri Carpenter

Dr. Siri Carpenter is Editor-in-Chief of the Open Notebook and the former president of the National Association of Science Writers (NASW).

Will Nepal put together its flora details in the next seven years?

Twenty three years after an agreement to publish a detailed record of flowering and non-flowering plants in Nepal, only one volume has been published to date.

A conversation with Dr. Muniapann about the biological invasion and pest management practices in Nepal

"My approach is to utilize local parasitoids, or natural enemies to supress a pest."

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