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Haniyah Bilal

Haniyah is an aspiring writer and science lover. She was raised in California and recently moved to Pakistan. She is currently studying her ‘O’ levels in Lahore. She is an avid fan of literature and loves to read. She is passionate about horseriding and spends her free time painting and horseriding. She is interested in robotics and has mentored a robotics team. Additionally, she has taken part in many robotics competitions, both international and local

Remembering Dr. Salam: A meritorious journey to becoming the best in science

Dr. Salam was a charismatic, humble, different and challenging individual who inspired millions around the globe.

A Unique Story of Cyber Crime

David Pokora; The convicted Xbox Hacker.

The human may soon set up bustling, long-lasting Colonies on Mars

The controversy regarding the colonization of Mars is a long one. It is recorded that humans began speculating life on Red Planet as early...

Mysteries of the Moon

The Moon's physique and texture have remained a mystery for thousands of years, leading to much speculation and myths throughout history.

Gene therapy: cure for Genetic disorders and chronic diseases

The promising techniques could provide cure for fatal diseases and thus could change the lives of millions.

Air Pollution: The Invisible Murderer

On February 2013 Ella Kissi-Debrah, a 9 nine-year-old girl died of what was thought to be  respiratory failure due to a severe asthma attack. However,...

Robert H. Goddard: From Moon man to Father of modern rocketry

The dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.

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