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Detecting alien life in the solar system— A talk with Dr Nozair Khawaja

There are billions of stars and galaxies, thus expanding the potential to search for life.

The Galactic Traveler

The Space transport vehicle is now approaching the planet Xenon, distant from our Earth as far as 30 Decas (a Deca equals 10 light...

Astrobiology: Microscopic life on a macroscopic scale

Microbiologists have spent the decades to study extremophiles, to find out the origin of life on Earth.

Why pollution increases in winter

The lower level of precipitation means there just isn’t enough rain to wash away the pollutants.

NASA’s research program on UFOs

NASA has undertaken an initiative to study the Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon (UAPs) from a scientific perspective.

Finding extraterrestrial life: Are we ready enough?

Since the advent of our collective consciousness, we have been quenching our curiosities through explorations of our surroundings.

SENTIENCE in the Cosmos: Possibilities and Implications

Scientists and organizations should keep open minds and preserve the niche of abstract ideas and possibilities. 

Pakistani students make history in Aerospace competition

A group of students from IST won 1st place while representing Pakistan in Turkey’s largest technological festival TEKNOFEST 2022.

Scientia Professor Haris Aziz honored as the national field leader in Game Theory and Decision Science

His research is at the intersection of computer science and game theory that has applications to multi-agent systems and the design of incentives in markets. 

Climate change threats: Way forward to Pakistan

From the arrival of early summers to record monsoon downpours, i.e., 87 percent heavier than the average monsoon rainfall and the ensuing floods, Pakistan...

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