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climate change

The Hidden Culprit of Winter Smog- Temperature Inversion

The inversions are stable air masses where the warm air overlays the excellent air mass.

Cow burps heat up the Earth; Biotech company invents Bovine Beano

Spirulina avoids such concerns as feeding the cows spirulina containing the enzyme does not in any way get absorbed in the cow's bloodstream or milk.

The Anthropologist- A fresh take on Cultural changes due to environmental degradation

"The Anthropologist," a critically acclaimed documentary that offers a fresh viewpoint on the subject narrated by two female anthropologists. Released in June 2016, the...

Is electrical energy an alternative to more carbon footprints?

Improving efficiency is the most straightforward approach to reducing the carbon generated during power production.

Practical Tips and Strategies to Reduce Carbon Footprints in Daily Life

Small changes in our daily routine can lead to substantial reductions in our carbon footprint.

KILLER COAL— Pushing the World into Darkness 

Coal is the black flesh of the earth that makes up the spine of the world's power grid.

Environment Conservation Journalism Award Nepal goes to Scientia’s contributor Gobinda

KATHMANDU: Gobinda Prasad Pokharel, One of the emerging science journalists from Nepal and Scientia Paistan's active contributor, has been awarded the 'Environment Conservation Journalism...

Countering climate change with the condemned cow

Changing opinion in the scientific community wants the cattle back in field to solve a problem it started.

Beyond the Brick and Mortar: How Ancient Homes Were Cooler Than Modern Ones

Ancient architecture techniques allowed them to handle extreme heatwaves with ease.

Painful, and potentially disfiguring, cutaneous leishmaniasis is a growing threat in Pakistan

Doctors say climate change, urbanisation and migration patterns, as well as inadequate sanitation, are driving the spread of the sandfly-borne parasitic skin ailment.

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