Dr. Nozair Khwaja

Dr. Nozair Khawaja is a planetary scientist working at Freie University Berlin, Germany, and associated with multiple space missions. He is a science team member of NASA's Cassini at Saturn and Co-investigator of a dust instrument onboard JAXA's Destiny plus at Phaethon space missions. Dr. Khawaja is also associated with NASA’s future space mission Europa-Clipper. The main work of Dr. Khawaja is to explore extraterrestrial oceans in the outer Solar System to find signs of life there. He is a first as well as a contributed author in many breakthrough pieces of research published in Nature, Science, MNRAS, and Astrobiology journals. Dr. Nozair Khawaja is also the founder of Astrobiology Network of Pakistan (ABNP) to promote astrobiology in Pakistan, a science communicator, and a writer.