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Faryal Qazi

Frayal Qazi is a student of BS, International Relations at ND University. She based in Quetta and currently pursuing higher studies in Islamabad.

Rising IoT Market and Impact of COVID-19

Internet of Things or for Short IOT is the profession of smart objects including cars, home appliances and devices which connects physical world to...

A Student’s life in Wuhan under lockdown

Ayesha Khan is a Pakistan originated student at Wuhan University pursuing her M.S in economics.

International Relations in the wake of COVID-19 crisis

Dr. Afsah Qazi is serving as the Assistant Professor at the Department of IR, National Defense University, Islamabad.

A Psychiatrist’s consent on the Mental Toll of Lockdown and Quarantine

Avoiding bad practices and adopting healthier hobbies can blunt mental health harm during self-isolation. ~ Dr. Asad Hussain

Social Distancing; United we Fall, Divided we Stand.

This social distancing was also among the key measures that were taken to fight the Spanish flu in 1918.

How Pakistan saved Markhor from going extinct

If natural beauty is the crown of Earth, then biodiversity is the jewel in this crown. However, anthropogenic activities are continually decaying this jewel.  Markhor...

Eucalyptus poses a threat to the 10 billion tree tsunami Project

As policy of Pakistan turn green, environment of Pakistan faces greater threat of degradation.

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