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History of space exploration

The Sumerians, the Aztecs, and about every known civilization had their own stories on space travel. 

Venturing into the 60s and the current status of space research in Pakistan with Dr. Tariq Mustafa

The world looked at us as a role model; Pakistan’s GDP was growing, then, unfortunately, with the 71 happenings in East Pakistan, etc., the growth rate went down. So many factors are responsible, but primarily, I think what is in our control is our leadership. And that is where we have not been able to do a good job.

Humanity’s Most Significant Scientific Collaboration For Apollo 11

Humanity’s most significant collaborative achievement started with, then Director of the Parkes Observatory, John Bolton, who did an official one-line contract with NASA: “The...

Apollo Moon Landing: Facts and Information

The day 20th July 1969 was a remarkable date when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin got the privilege and became the first astronauts who...

NASA fed Lunar soil to Cockroaches & the results are amazing

Have you ever wondered, while looking at the moon in a dark night, if our closest companion is habitable? Can lunar soil support life?...

How Apollo moon rocks reveal the epic history of the cosmos

Apollo rocks are considered a gateway to a new world of information

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