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Population Growth and Environmental Sustainability— The Power of Awareness

In the ongoing debate over environmental sustainability, population growth is often cited as a significant contributing factor to environmental degradation. However, the correlation between...

Cooling Karachi — Combating Urban Heat with Green Spaces

Results indicate that parts of Karachi face scorching heat due to large areas of empty land with little greenery. This is especially true in Karachi West district, where neighbourhoods like Mauripur and Mangopir see average surface temperatures exceeding 42°C! In contrast, areas with more parks and green spaces, like Karachi Central and East, have fewer hot zones and cooler temperatures.

Beauty at What Cost?— Impacts of Cosmetic Ingredients on the Environment and Our Health

Since time immemorial, people have celebrated the trend of adorning and decorating themselves. This practice often arises from a desire to improve upon perceived...

The Innovative approach for climate resilient Pakistan

Pakistan experienced two catastrophic floods in 2010 and 2022, affecting millions of people. From 1950 to 2011, Pakistan faced a flood every three years....

“Speak on behalf of Mother Nature before we can’t”— Communicating Environmental and Healthcare Awareness

Have you ever wondered why it seems more accessible for the average person to participate in political discussions, yet basic scientific concepts like hyperglycemia...

“10 Must Knows” as a Guide to Preserving Biodiversity

The strategy aims to preserve and protect biodiversity in Germany.

Food and Environment: What’s on Your Plate will affect what’s around You

Our Irresponsible practices result in deforestation, artificial animal breeding and selection, more land-air, and water pollution from industrial waste.

The Hidden Culprit of Winter Smog- Temperature Inversion

The inversions are stable air masses where the warm air overlays the excellent air mass.

Cow burps heat up the Earth; Biotech company invents Bovine Beano

Spirulina avoids such concerns as feeding the cows spirulina containing the enzyme does not in any way get absorbed in the cow's bloodstream or milk.

The Anthropologist- A fresh take on Cultural changes due to environmental degradation

"The Anthropologist," a critically acclaimed documentary that offers a fresh viewpoint on the subject narrated by two female anthropologists. Released in June 2016, the...

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