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The mysterious origin of water on Earth

Either the Moon-forming impact was insufficient to vapourize all existing water or brought to Earth by some other means.

Geology and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence

Scientists believe that before 4 billion years ago, the earth's surface has melted in the final stage of its creation.

All You need to know about Martian Hydrology

Finer-scale, dendritic networks of valleys are distributed across considerable swaths of the topography elsewhere on the Martian surface.

Reviewing “Hydro-Tectonic & Fault-Zone Aquifers in Desert Terrains of Saudi Arabian Crystalline Shield”

The book precisely identifies the target areas for exploring non-conventional groundwater resources in highly deformed and fractured shield rocks – though focusing on Arabian Peninsula.

Widespread, Previously Unknown Structure Discovered near Earth’s core

Earthquakes and the earth's internal dynamics have long been the focus of geologists and researchers. Although humankind has achieved thousands of technological milestones, we...

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