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Can Marine Heat Waves Lead to Mass Extinction?

The marine heatwave of 2013, acted as a catalyst for the growth of harmful algal blooms in the region.

Blue Biotechnology: The secrets of the ocean are yet to be explored

Blue or marine biotechnology is fascinating both scientifically and commercially.

Falling for Feelings— an innocent tale of fish keeping

Every fish was bound to have a personality of its own!

Climate variability and oceans

At the moment, a primary concern of marine biologists is that the basic chemistry of oceans is altering faster than over the past 65 million years.

Pakistan’s Maritime Department: A promising future for the country

There is a need to develop a link between fisheries policy, environment agency set protocols, and all maritime activities.  

Threats to Whales and their Habitat

Contamination of oceans is a major risk to the habitat of whales and marine ecosystem.

Significance of Marine Biology in the Modern Era

Approximately 70% of the protein humans consume comes from marine life.

Fortuitous Discovery: World’s Biggest Shark is not Carnivorous

In Australia's Institute of Marine Science, experts claimed to have proved that sharks were omnivorous rather than pure carnivorous.

The Pharmaceutical Treasures of Marine Ecosystem

The marine environment comprises more unexplored biodiversity than terrestrial habitats, which is why it has become a hot topic.

Respecting Marine Life: A Conversation with Dr. Shoaib Kiani

Marine Turtles have been present on the face of our planet ever since the presence of dinosaurs in the Jurassic period.

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