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Night Owl’s cheatsheet—Mastering Melatonin’s sleep clock for ultimate rest

Melatonin can help us understand the fascinating night owl's sleep schedule.

Stem Cells— A Hallmark in the Treatment of Neurological Disorder

A mesenchymal stem cell product has been cleared by Japanese authorities to treat spinal cord injuries.

Excessive use of Technology links with Neurochemistry of the Brain

We are extensively exposed to our environment's non-ionizing radiation .

Understanding ADHD: Exploring Symptoms, Causes, and Effective Treatment Strategies

The adults include behaviors of making decisions impulsively and without thinking about their consequences.

Cognitive Blessings, Emotional Burdens: Psychological intricacies of high IQ individuals

"I have no idea; people who boast about their IQ are losers". ~Stephen Hawking

Navigating Bipolar Battles, Schizophrenia Struggles, and Déjà Vu Realities in Pakistan

The taboo surrounding discussions on mental health and therapy has begun to lift, shedding light on the pervasive impact of nervous disorders.

Marijuana Users are More Empathetic than Nonusers

The results highlight positive effects of cannabis on interpersonal relationships and potential therapeutic applications.

How Carbon Footprint Impacts Mental Health

Eco-anxiety is the manifestation of anxiety stemming from worries about environmental degradation and climate change.

Is Limited Light Exposure Causing Sadness and Depression in the Modern World?

Several studies have revealed an association between limited sunlight exposure in routine life and its long-term impact on mood, particularly in developing depression.

Being human in a machine age

Robotics, AI automation, chatbots, and big data; are all awning to build the next economic-operating system and framing the future of humanity.

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