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Namira Salim, Virgin Galactic Founder Astronaut, Launches into the Music World

(Los Angeles, CA – October 24, 2019)  -- Future astronaut, space diplomat, pioneering polar explorer and artist, Monaco based, Namira Salim, will be releasing...

Chandrayaan 2: A Historic Attempt of India for Lunar Landing

At the advent of our NewSpace Age or commercialization of Space, the final frontier has become the new frontier for peace and diplomacy on Earth. “I...

Astrobiology: From the Editors’ Desk

A few renown personalities in the field of Astrology speak on some of mysteries of Universe.

Meet Namira Salim, the “first Pakisani Astronaut to be”

Salim became a symbol of women's empowerment when she was awarded the 'First Pakistani Astronaut' title in 2006

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