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Detecting alien life in the solar system— A talk with Dr Nozair Khawaja

There are billions of stars and galaxies, thus expanding the potential to search for life.

The Galactic Traveler

The Space transport vehicle is now approaching the planet Xenon, distant from our Earth as far as 30 Decas (a Deca equals 10 light...

NASA’s research program on UFOs

NASA has undertaken an initiative to study the Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon (UAPs) from a scientific perspective.

SENTIENCE in the Cosmos: Possibilities and Implications

Scientists and organizations should keep open minds and preserve the niche of abstract ideas and possibilities. 

Pakistani students make history in Aerospace competition

A group of students from IST won 1st place while representing Pakistan in Turkey’s largest technological festival TEKNOFEST 2022.

Pakistan observes the Partial Solar Eclipse of 2022

we have compiled and presented all the observations, taken from all over the country, showing a variety of captures of partial solar eclipse held on 25 October 2022.

How astronomy influences meteorology and the weather

This blog discusses the effects of astronomy on meteorology, explaining how solar and lunar eclipses, planetary movements, and other factors impact the climate. 

Reviewing the multiwavelength astronomy of the universe

To understand what astronomical phenomenon or what astrophysical event is happening, we try to look at the universe in the multi-wavelength.


Recently, astronomers studied, the WASP-76 and WASP-121b and found the heaviest element- Barium, ever discovered in any exoplanet’s atmosphere.

A Glimps into the World Space Week 2022 celebration in Pakistan

Celebrating WSW in Karachi was never this thrilling for space enthusiasts like this year.

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