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Nikola Tesla: The 20th Century Innovator

Tesla, throughout his career, designed numerous inventions, unfortunately, most of his ideas were stolen and officially patented by other inventors.

SpaceX launches 60 Starlink satellites

The Starlink satellites were launched from Cape Canaveral Florida

The human may soon set up bustling, long-lasting Colonies on Mars

The controversy regarding the colonization of Mars is a long one. It is recorded that humans began speculating life on Red Planet as early...

The moon landing: An infographics

Fifty years ago, Neil Armstrong was the first to set foot on the moon and bring sci-fi fabrication to an end. His one infamous...

Space X launches its Falcon Heavy rocket

SpaceX marks a historic milestone on June 25th when its mega-rocket Falcon Heavy successfully launched more than two dozen satellites in one of the most...

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