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Arooba Azeem

Arooba Azeem is a student of BS biochemistry,  Quaid e Azam University Islamabad. She is an active member of the management team(QDLs) of debating and literary societies of her University. Her particular hobbies are cooking and book reading.

How MERs and SARs are related to Covid-19

The pandemic disease named Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) was originally identified in a city of China, "Wuhan," and it is responsible for causing...

How exercise can help reduce depression

Wondering how much physical activity will improve your mental health? It is probably not as much as you are thinking. You don't need to be investing...

How David Attenborough became one of the greatest natural historians

If you are a nature lover or enthusiastic about animals, then you must know, without a doubt, about David Attenborough. He is the beloved...

Breakthrough cures of Stem Cells therapy in Humans

Stem cells are basically undifferentiated cells that mean they're capable of developing into cells that perform various functions in different parts of the body....

The underrated prodigy – Rosalind Franklin

Rosalind franklin was a British chemist and was known for her discovery of DNA structure by using X-ray diffraction. She was born in 1920...

CRISPR – A potential combatant against cancer

CRISPR is the most advanced technique used for various cancer treatments.

Top Pakistani Start-ups that roar in the world of AI

After the flourishing of AI and machine learning, innovation would not a new thing in Pakistan. There will be such AI systems that...

Historic space missions to explore our Solar System

Take a tour on four of the historic space missions, designed to explore other planets of our Solar system.

Buzz & Collins: A Tribute

Aldrin and Collins were the two other heroes alongside Neil Armstrong who were a part of the historic mission to Moon

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