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Top Pakistani Start-ups that roar in the world of AI

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Arooba Azeem
Arooba Azeemhttps://scientiamag.org
Arooba Azeem is a student of BS biochemistry,  Quaid e Azam University Islamabad. She is an active member of the management team(QDLs) of debating and literary societies of her University. Her particular hobbies are cooking and book reading.

After the flourishing of AI and machine learning, innovation would not a new thing in Pakistan. There will be such AI systems that require huge data to solve various problems and it’s going to be the biggest investment priority by 2020. Many steps are under consideration to combine physical- cyber mindsets that will cause a significant change in the industrial ecosystem in Pakistan. 

Reshaping the work places in Pakistan.

Research in the field of AI usually starts in 2018, when the government of Pakistan distributes 1.1 billion rupees for seed funding. The following are the few Pakistani AI tech startups that are using various techniques to change the current digital ecosystem at an unmatched pace. 

baseH Technologies

baseH technologies develop the first AI news writer in Pakistan named Dante. This AI content generator creates content that is exactly similar to human writing using Natural Learning Processing (NLP). The company made it so that it can generate news using metrics from various reports. 

They received $4 million initial funding, which the highest funding received by any AI startups in Pakistan. Due to Dante, baseH is progressing and soon become the future unicorn in Pakistan. 

Company of Intelligence Systems & Networks Research (CISNR)

CISNR is using AI technology to save energy and to maintain economic growth. They undergo many successful projects including ICT-AI KPK Valley, Safe Roads, SCADA, ElectroCure, Intelligence Transportation System ITS, Smart Disaster Management, and Smart environment. Among all these projects, ElectroCure is highly funded by Ignite with about PKR 39.9 million. ElectroCure is a device that is an electrical metering system. They are also employed by Jazz Telecommunication Service to avoid energy losses and to increase energy access through mobiles in Pakistan. 


Afiniti is a US-based Pakistani data and software unicorn that uses AI to increase the profitability of an enterprise. This company got the valuation at $ 1.6 million. Today, Afiniti is serving various sectors with 700 million customers and has 1.3 million interactions each day. Now, AT&T is using Afiniti’s pairing technology. 


In 2017, it was considered as 4th leading AI Company in Asia. This company analyses data architecture, data lakes, data engineering, and processing. They are focusing on developing smart cities with an OS based on AI and machine learning. Since 2017, it crossed the borders of 5 countries including Singapore, Germany, UAE, Philippines and Pakistan and expanding their services for the largest airline service in AI. 

Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (RCAI)

RCAI is one of the most known research institutions in Pakistan that are researching for the development of innovation and to produce cost-effective products, funded by Silicon Valley, they are running various AI projects that include AIDEE and Intelligence Irrigation System. Both projects are under construction and by using this technology, about 40% of water was conserved. 

Aqua Agro 

Keeping in mind the present status of water in Pakistan and to maintain Pakistan’s agricultural status, NIC in Karachi finds an AI-based solution called Aqua Agro, which works on growing crops without wasting any extra water and play an important role in water conservation. This system uses various devices to observe field condition and control the water amount used for crops. They are successfully saving water up to 50% that is utilizing for farming purposes.

Five Rivers Technologies

Five River Technologies are playing an important role in system management technology, mobile applications, AI, VR, and IoT based on AI. This company developed 150 applications with 20 million downloads up till now. FRT is also completed several projects including Rekky, VDI PRO, and Thunder Rider. 


VisionX usually uses AI to fulfill the requirements of their customers. They are working in automating various projects and leveraging smart sales and marketing and are attracting about 4,695 monthly visits. 


NexDegree developed many projects using AI technology with major transport, healthcare, urban development, telecom, natural disaster prediction, and energy conservation. It provides services in all kinds of businesses, irrelevant to the industry. Their computer system analysis, fovea.io helps in optimizing energy-related algorithms to reduce carbon footprint and the cost of energy sources. 


Mountainise Innovative Artificiance (MIA) is an AI-based performance optimization created by Mountainise. It increases business performance by 4 folds without any additional inputs into the business. They use machine learning to analyze information and drive strategies for helping sales and marketing using AI tech. Mountainise had the benefit of working with Fortune 500 companies, such as google partner, facebook and Adobe marketing cloud. 


AI is also being used for generating logos to create cost-effective, DIY logos for businesses belonging LogoDesign is used. This company offers different patterns of logos. They can design over 5000 different types of logos that are indistinguishable from the ones that are created by humans. 

Tax Dosti

Tax Dosti helps the Taxpayers to file their tax returns using AI and machine technology. Tax Dosti is helping the Pakistan Federal Board of Revenue to become better. 

Analytics Private Limited

APL believes to gain a competitive advantage, companies have to treat their data as their ultimate asset. APL is using the state of the art technology based on AI and has the privilege to work with Microsoft in 2018. They combine automatic shot tracking, golf performance monitoring, and advanced analytics to help the golfers to make better decisions. 


Botsify comes as a new approach of AI to the traditional bot system. They integrated as a Facebook messenger chatbot in 2016. They help customers by automatically answering their questions in 10 different languages. Botsify tightened its edge by serving tech giants such as APPLE, Shazam.GRIN, Travelex and Unicef NZ. 


Pakistan’s 10 Pearl design, develop and maintain different software, web and mobile applications. They facilitate AI design and strategy, augmenting data science resources as well as providing digital advancement in business innovation and evolution. Since 2004, the global reach of this company has been increasing at a fast pace. They also provide various services including DevOps, SecOps, web and mobile app development, customer experience, new product development enterprise software development, cybersecurity and AI to business models of today.


Cubix is a mobile app that comes under AI technology, games and enterprise software Development Company. They are experts in development, customization, and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions. Some of their key clients include Politico, Canon, Datastream, Artizone, White castle, Suzuki, Sony, and Paypal. 


CodeJunkie works for the development of various software using AI. They have a team of software engineers, consultants, and developers. They made various software that performs different functions. These include SMART-FACE, GIGA MALL APP, Firefighter Simulation using NLP, BuzzMusik, and Aletheia. 

Liquid technologies

Liquid technologies is a data visualization and insights gathering company based on AI. Their products usually vary from dashboards to machine learning reports. Important clients of this company include Get Quranic, Ebco, TTI Group, Digital Apparel PVT LTD, Al-Jadeed Super Market, Mega Energy, and Texans Energy. 

Saremco Tech

Saremco Tech is an App Development Studio and Digital Marketing Company with many offices in Canada and Pakistan based on AI. They have highly specialized IT professionals with software engineering and marketing background. 


NorthBay helps many companies in transforming their businesses using AI so that they gain their speed in decision making. Their services include Application Development, Database, Application Migration, Data Warehouse, Machine learning, and AI. Their key clients include BestBuy, Best Doctors, Delloitte, Eliza, EMC, Kitara Media, Random House, and Mozilla. 


Aitomation developed software for SMEs that helps them reduce their costs and increase productivity by automating all their processes of data entry using AI technology. This company was founded in 2015. They automate different tasks on a computer with the use of software like robots done for the industrial sector. 


Imroz helps people to build smart, cloud-native software and applications which deliver experiences that help the customers in developing different businesses using AI technology. They provide many services including product and digital Strategy, Cloud-Native App Development, Machine Learning, and Analytics. Their key clients are Erie Genetics, Jazz. 

Origami Studios

They focus on delivering apps that are very helpful in the Tech industry. They started app development based on AI in 2012 with building robust. Their key clients include Nestle, Johnson and Johnson Experian Hitwise Shell Sticky Street Everyday Fundraising Group TUV Austria.  

D2Vision- Multimedia app experts

They are experts in mobile development, computer vision, multimedia, surveillance, video streaming, machine learning, virtual reality, and augmented reality and automation technologies for mobile platforms using AI technology. Their key clients include E-Facto France, Smart Touch Systems Pakistan, EverCam Ireland. 

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