MONSOON: Hazards and Preventions

The monsoon sets in summer season when a large sea breeze, occurs, the wind blows from the cooler ocean to the much warmer land area.

The word monsoon is derived from the Arabic word ‘mausim’, means a sudden shift in winds. The monsoon sets in summer season when a large sea breeze, occurs, the wind blows from the cooler ocean to the much warmer land area. This seasonal weather pattern is the outcome of changes in the atmosphere cycle, the warmth of both the land and the sea results in a heavy downpour.

Roads in Karachi after a recent heavy downpour

Although in Pakistan, most people associate monsoons with rain due to the lack of sufficient scientific knowledge and awareness. However, these winds can also result in dry phases as well. A monsoon may not cause much change at all in the weather, while in some cases it can turn a desert into lush, green grassland, entirely dependent on the location.

Global warming and climate changes are the concern of every nation. Pakistan is also under severe climate changes for more than two decades and many parts specially Sindh and Baluchistan provinces have been facing drastic draught for more two years. In Sindh, the Monsoon brings heavy rains in the summer season, unfortunately, there had been fewer rains for the last two years in Karachi and rural Sindh.

During monsoon, there are weather hazards that people should be aware of including but not limited to downburst winds, lightning, dust storms, thunderstorms, wildfires, electrocuting, extreme heat and flash floods. Karachi has recently faced a fresh spell of heavy rains as finally, the monsoon set in after a wide gap of more than two years. Several causalities like urban flooding specifically in old parts of Provincial capital, traffic jam, and road sliding/accidents had been reported but a piece of shocking news was the death of two brothers who died due to electrocuting.

Karachi is particularly famous because of its debris, open flicker, streets rubbish , improper drainage system, and several epidemics during summer and monsoon season. After recent massive urban flooding, the authorities are shifting the blame on others and none has real concern how can such situation be dealt wisely in future to avoid death toll and massive destruction. Here is a debate around it.

Senior Journalist Fawwad Raza discusses the current situation with
renown social activist Mr. Syed Zafar Abbas

To avoid an electrical hazard in the rainy season some safety measures are necessary like:

  •  Check your electrical fittings before monsoon season sets in.
  •   Avoid electrical work or chores during rains.
  •  Make sure that the wires outside your home and in your street are working well if you find something that can results in causality during rainy season inform to the electric supply company of your area.
  •  Though it is the major responsibility of electricity Supply a company like K-electric, to devising a safety plan for the masses, individually people can make efforts for their safety before a monsoon season starts.
  •  Electrical companies, in particular, disseminate information regarding electrical hazards to ensure the safety of their client base, as well as other people.

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