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OPINIONS: Artificial Intelligence Edition

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Our aim is to provide something exciting and knowledgeable in each of our editions and we value your opinions. For the September edition, Scientia’s editorial team reached to public and asked a few questions about artificial intelligence following the theme of the edition. The questions were:

  • Can artificial intelligence be dangerous?
  • How will artificial intelligence change the future?
  • Will China be the AI superpower?
  • Does Boston Dynamics change our idea of what Robots can do?

Some of the insightful responses are shared below.

AI, connecting humans


1. It might be but not in the Hollywood style robots-taking-over scenario. There are two ways things can go wrong: AI becoming the monopoly or it going in the wrong hands. To understand the first threat, consider the scenario of an AI breakthrough, let’s say an AI that can do research in science. This kind of AI can revolutionize everything.  Now consider it in the hands of one company. This company can achieve anything by just throwing more resources at it and can dominate everything. The second conceivable threat of AI is it being in the wrong hands: for instance, dictators. This will create a dystopian state like the one presented in 1984. A state with no privacy and everything under the eye of “big brother”. This is not far-fetched as China is already using AI for surveillance of its people.

2. If the speed of the innovations in AI continues at the pace being done right now, our future will be very very different. Almost all aspects of life will be different; you will see all the vehicles being driverless, computer doctors, teachers, movies and music produced by AI and so much more. But the most disruptive change will be in the jobs sector. Modern humans have a very strong connection with jobs and jobs probably define us. Consider a future where almost all of the jobs are taken by automation and AI? Apart from the money, what will most of the humans do? What things will define and give meaning to their life?  

3. It is probable but not certain. While China has a lot of resources, data and evermore spending on AI, it still lacks AI talent. China also lacks a consistent government system which means we do know how China’s policies will change after Xi Jinping. On the other hand, the US has most of the AI talent, big companies with lots of data, great research culture and most importantly consistent governments and policies. So the US has more chances of being AI power than China.  

4. Yes. It has done some fascinating things though it is still far fetched to have Boston Dynamics like robots in the wild. 



1. Yes, it’s one of the most lethal weapons of the future.

2. The greatest impact will on automation. Coffee makers to public transport to drone swarms, everything will be automated. Who control AI logic will control the world.

3. China, to some experts, is already an AI superpower.


ABID MIR, Quetta

1. There are certain dangers associated with artificial intelligence just like any other new technology. But in general, I believe it is safer than nuclear technology.

2. It can be very beneficial for our species, it can work on many things like finding out ways to reduce the effects of climate change, it can drive cars, etcetera. The main point is that it will free up Human creativity. We may see a new boom in art and literature in the future.

3. China is working really hard to progress in technology ahead of all the other countries, but as of now, it is unclear if china can create new technologies or just replicate them. Surely China has the means to become an AI superpower.

4. Boston Dynamic is doing a great job in robotics, but my main objection about it is that it’s all be done for the United States military, unlike Toyota. Toyota is also working on robotics and others too, who are not doing it for military applications.


ENOS OYE, Europe

1. Artificial intelligence is based on data that is processed by a setup program which gives actions. If it is dangerous depends on how you program it. You may make it intentional dangerous by using it in a combat drone shooting on everything that moves. 

2. A self-driving car is unintentionally dangerous, but they have become better, and the best are now as dangerous as the average driver. 

3. I have little faith in the AI taking over the world scenario, to do anything like that we have to make a quantum computer which is truly intelligent like our brain, still, it is up to the programmer to make it dangerous or not.


Asmat U Allah, Lahore

1. AI is dangerous to some extent because it Rebots relaces humans, contributing to global warming and several serious diseases. Due to increasing cybercrimes, a third world war could not be ignored which will be a cyberwar ( most probably).

2. Artificial intelligence changes the future like all the universe & world is in our hands, we can explore & access information easily, we wish to know about the world or even in the universe.

3. China will be the superpower but it should convince its neighbor countries to do transactions & take strict action against extremity. In this era, Russia, Pakistan, & India must have to revoke America to stop its illegal interruption specifically in the sub-continent.

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