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DNA— A Futuristic Data Storage and Computation Device

DNA computing is an exciting technology in computing. Instead of silicon-based electronic circuits, it utilizes molecular reaction techniques to compute DNA molecules.

Is Artificial Intelligence Our Ally or an Enemy?

“Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might also be the last unless we learn how to...

The Carbon Footprint of Large Language Models: Unmasking the Environmental Impact

These powerful models can potentially automate and enhance various aspects of human endeavour.

AI-Descartes: The AI Scientist Revolutionizes Scientific Discovery

AI-Descartes is a method that combines logical reasoning with symbolic regression.

Women in AI— Breaking the Glass Ceilings

The workforce in AI is male-dominant, with only 20% of employees in technical roles at significant machine learning companies being women.

AI — The Future of Biotechnology and Healthcare

AI empowers researchers to make significant breakthroughs in understanding disease mechanisms, discovering biomarkers, and developing personalized treatment approaches.

AI and Consciousness: A Possibility or a Dystopic Dream?

AI is influencing our lives in a subtle yet impactful manner where our decisions are based on patterns.

“Towards Singularity- Inspiring AI”: A Captivating Journey into the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Exploring the potential of AI to revolutionise our lives and shape the future of humanity.

From Moore’s Law to AI Revolution: Transforming Innovation Landscape

Particularly in the context of exponential development, AI plays a revolutionary role in accelerating innovation.

The Future of AI on Education

Education planners and teachers are concerned about how AI will lead to betterment in learning.

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