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Friday, February 23, 2024
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Transhuman: Advances in Longevity Medicines

Transhumanists believe that we should augment our bodies with new technology.

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence is a very interesting aspect of technology which enables machine or computer systems to perform tasks which require human thinking and intellect,...

An Illustration of AI Evolution in Our Lives

Evolution of AI has changed the world

A Talk with Dr. Fauzia, Pakistan’s first female Cyber Security Analyst

Dr. Abro, Pakistan’s first female with a doctorate in Cyber Security from a foreign University, the first female Ph.D. of Pakistan Armed Forces.

The Rise of Machines: A Dilemma of Digital age

The premise is a simple one – a robot gains sentience deems its human masters inferior and sounds a binary war cry, overthrowing mankind’s...

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