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An Illustration of AI Evolution in Our Lives

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Komal Nadeem
Komal Nadeem
Komal Nadeem is based in Jhelum. She is doing BS. Biochemistry from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. Her Interests are Reading books and novels, Gardening, Observing surroundings.

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by machines, likewise the natural intelligence demonstrated by human beings. There are four major revolutions in the world that have changed the face of the world entirely. One of them is the Evolution of AI.

This pictorial section shows a journey of the AI as well as how AI benefits the society along-with its dark side.

The big barrier faced by AI: Common sense

The right armed model machines work with accuracy and improve its success rate. Google’s AI machines can detect lung cancer with 97% accuracy and same is the case with self-driven cars that can travel thousands of miles with great efficiency and accuracy. Despite all the benefits, the AI machines lack the most crucial thing that is common sense. They do they are told and how they are installed. They just can’t work on their own. They can’t detect any error on their own that makes them miserable.

Artificial intelligence vector illustration of scientists building human head with cogwheels and wires, showing evolution
Artificial intelligence vector illustration of scientists building human head with cogwheels and wires

Below is the collection of editorial illustrations by Yasmine Gateau

The pictures below are from a series of illustrations created for an article called “Inhabit the Time” in the French magazine Panorama. The article is based on our busy lives and how can we keep enough time for spirituality or just to take a break.

Following is another inspiring illustration which tells how Human Intelligence beat Artificial Intelligence and worked much better than any of math models.

The next illustration shows the dependency of humans on Artificial Intelligence that how the evolution of AI has deep-rooted in all our daily activities and has made us its slave.

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