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Being human in a machine age

Robotics, AI automation, chatbots, and big data; are all awning to build the next economic-operating system and framing the future of humanity.

From Assistant to the Competitor: The Rise of ChatGPT as a Replacement for human interaction

Sciences Po in Paris and RV University in Bengaluru, have banned ChatGPT and the use of AI tools.

Elementary kids making Pakistan proud

The team is now heading to GLOBAL FINALS which is going to be held in May 2023 in Kansas City.

Pakistani students make history in Aerospace competition

A group of students from IST won 1st place while representing Pakistan in Turkey’s largest technological festival TEKNOFEST 2022.

Year in Review: The Best of AI in 2019

In the past decade, Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the digital world in marvelous ways. Almost every smart appliance uses AI in one way or...


The story of a lady who buys a robot and life becomes more complicated.

Brain-Controlled Robotic Suit enables a Paralyzed Man to Walk

Technology is on its way with great speed to amaze and facilitate us every day. Now presenting the Brain-controlled robotic suit which enabled a...

Artificial Intelligence Genie in a bottle

In 1950, John McCarthy coined the term “artificial intelligence ” or “AI” and designed the notion of programming machines to use language for solving...

Artificial Intelligence; News of the month

Artificial Intelligence is a new question among science researchers. Let us scroll through the hottest news of the September on Artificial Intelligence.  Tuna gets robotic Researchers...

It’s time to talk about Robot Ethics

Roboethics as a science or philosophical point has not made any solid social impact yet is a typical subject in sci-fi writing and movies.

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