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Pakistan’s Science Policy lacks Diplomatic Initiatives

Diplomacy has deep roots in history as it is one of the oldest methods of sustaining exquisite relations among nations based on their interests...

Cooling Karachi — Combating Urban Heat with Green Spaces

Results indicate that parts of Karachi face scorching heat due to large areas of empty land with little greenery. This is especially true in Karachi West district, where neighbourhoods like Mauripur and Mangopir see average surface temperatures exceeding 42°C! In contrast, areas with more parks and green spaces, like Karachi Central and East, have fewer hot zones and cooler temperatures.

Scientific Fraud— Questioning the credibility of global research?

According to the International Directory of Open Science Journals, more than 9 million scientific papers were published in 2023. Statistics show that the global...

Nanoscience— In Energy Sustainability Outlook

Nanomaterials have the potential to completely transform techniques for storing energy, rendering them superior, accessible, and sustainable.

The Emotional Connection between the Brain and Heart 

The psychological biology of neurocardiology emphasizes a strong correlation between the human brain and heart.

Einstein and Hawking: Great Minds of Two Eras

They led special lives but many instances can be compared that show how they were much different yet very similar at the same time.

Cognitive Blessings, Emotional Burdens: Psychological intricacies of high IQ individuals

"I have no idea; people who boast about their IQ are losers". ~Stephen Hawking

The Promise of Neuralink in Shaping Our World

On January 29, 2024, they successfully implanted a device in a human participant, marking a significant milestone.

Cow burps heat up the Earth; Biotech company invents Bovine Beano

Spirulina avoids such concerns as feeding the cows spirulina containing the enzyme does not in any way get absorbed in the cow's bloodstream or milk.

Tales of Women Pioneers in Astronomy: From Aprons to Space

The outstanding achievements of women astronomers who shattered gender norms, leaving an indelible mark on our comprehension of the cosmos.

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