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Story of Human Evolution- From Apes to Man

The story of human evolution is based on Darwin's theory of evolution and spans millions of years.

RNA World: A Plot Twist in the Story of Origin of Life

There are chances that life originated from a single strand of RNA molecule, that later gave rise to two bases.

Jute: A Promising Source of Nanotechnology Developments for Human Welfares

Jute is a type of Tiliaceae bast fiber and has a scientific name as Corchorus Capsularis since it is taken from corchor plants.

Breakthrough cures of Stem Cells therapy in Humans

Stem cells are basically undifferentiated cells that mean they're capable of developing into cells that perform various functions in different parts of the body....

Volumetric bioprinting: A quantum leap in the field of Tissue engineering.

In a study, published in a journal Advanced Materials, researchers from the École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and Utrecht University developed a new...

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