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Excessive use of Technology links with Neurochemistry of the Brain

We are extensively exposed to our environment's non-ionizing radiation .

The Emotional Connection between the Brain and Heart 

The psychological biology of neurocardiology emphasizes a strong correlation between the human brain and heart.

The Promise of Neuralink in Shaping Our World

On January 29, 2024, they successfully implanted a device in a human participant, marking a significant milestone.

Love-Hate Relationship between the Gut Microbiota and the Brain

The gut, where microbiota are located, has mainly been postulated to be the primary site of pathologies that give rise to neurodegenerative diseases.

AI and Consciousness: A Possibility or a Dystopic Dream?

AI is influencing our lives in a subtle yet impactful manner where our decisions are based on patterns.

AI and Neurobiology: Understanding the Brain through Computational Models

Brain-machine interfaces establish the direct communication pathway between the brain and external devices.

Review: Better Brain Health – We Are What We Eat

Nowadays, we are constantly bombarded with facts such as how chocolate can be used as a stress reliever, is organic food better than processed,...

Neuralink: One Microchip Fulfilling Hundreds of Possibilities

As daunting as 2020 might have been but this year’s inventions have also brought the good that is no longer restricted to sci-fi movies.

Research suggests why you could be making poor decisions

A recent research conducted by the researchers at Cambridge demonstrates that you make poor decisions because you overlook the total value of an event...

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