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Review: Better Brain Health – We Are What We Eat

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Syeda Laiba Tayyab
Syeda Laiba Tayyabhttps://scientiamag.org
Laiba is a Biochemist (MS) from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. Being a movie enthusiast, she's been reviewing science-related movies and documentaries. She has been a part of our team since the founding days of Scientia.

Nowadays, we are constantly bombarded with facts such as how chocolate can be used as a stress reliever, is organic food better than processed, are fish better for brain health? Are all these popular beliefs true? Fortunately, we have researchers digging deep into this subject. Studies show that, yes, these beliefs are true. We are actually what we eat!

Better brain health, a documentary released in 2020, comments on how the food we eat affects our brain. This new interdisciplinary science that is neuro-nutrition is creating a link between food and the change in our behavior. This enlightening documentary shows how food science is an important consideration in better brain development. It presents views of an international panel of nutritionists from around the world, which is supported by ingenious lab experiments.

We know this much that fatty foods make you obese and lead to certain complicated diseases, but do you know they actually limit your mental capacity? Yes, this is surprising as it may seem, but, researchers have linked reduced memory storage in people who are fed with a sugary diet.

It is astonishing to know that our manners and social behaviors are being determined even before we are born. Yes, the food consumed during pregnancy indeed affects brain development. Consumption of a high amount of sugary foods leads to stress, anxiety, and reduced mental capabilities later in life. Lab rats were tested for particular dietary deficiencies, and they show similar consequences.

Not only do fatty foods make you obese and lead to certain complicated diseases, but they have also been found to limit your mental capacity.

Researchers have concluded that eating foods rich in omega3 such as nuts, seeds fish oil increases the electrical properties of our brain. But unfortunately, very few people consume them in their daily diets.

After the industrial revolution, many foods that were shelved in the market were processed. In this day and age, we heavily rely on processed food. It contains insane amounts of corn syrup, which is high in fructose. Although it gives food increased shelf life and twist in taste, the effects on health are very harmful. Yes, as crazy as it may sound eating these foods develops behaviors that lead to increased aggression, restlessness, and agitation. In one study, hamsters were tested for behavior change after being strictly given a corn-based diet. They turned to cannibalism.

 In one captivating piece of the documentary, a question is raised: Is nutrition helpful in controlling crime? Researchers in the Netherlands are trying to get the answer. Obviously, I will not spoil for you. You’ll have to watch the documentary to know the answer. 

Better Brain Health: We are what we eat, puts forward a very critical connection between the importance of nutrition and how it can retrain our brain with better dietary choices. 

Link: https://youtu.be/TLpbfOJ4bJU


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