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The World Needs to Boost Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiatives

“The rewards for biotechnology are tremendous -to solve disease, eliminate poverty, age gracefully. It sounds so much cooler than Facebook”, says George M. Church,...

Night Owl’s cheatsheet—Mastering Melatonin’s sleep clock for ultimate rest

Melatonin can help us understand the fascinating night owl's sleep schedule.

The Hidden Culprit of Winter Smog- Temperature Inversion

The inversions are stable air masses where the warm air overlays the excellent air mass.

Nepal’s Scientist Dr Dhimal Honors as International Science Council Fellow

Environmental Health Scientist Recognized Among 100 Global Fellows for Exceptional Achievements in Science and Sustainability

Is Limited Light Exposure Causing Sadness and Depression in the Modern World?

Several studies have revealed an association between limited sunlight exposure in routine life and its long-term impact on mood, particularly in developing depression.

Hippocrates Vs. Pasteur: Is Modern Medicine an Upgrade?

Modern medicinal practices may run us into the ground in the long run as a species.

The Germ Files: Seven Books about Diseases Outbreaks to Add to Your TBR

Seven books that will introduce you to the colourful world of outbreaks, infections and killer pathogens.

AI — The Future of Biotechnology and Healthcare

AI empowers researchers to make significant breakthroughs in understanding disease mechanisms, discovering biomarkers, and developing personalized treatment approaches.

AI and the Future of Prosthetics

Gone are the days when artificial limbs had to be static, uncomfortable and detached from the body's sensational feedback.

AI and Neurobiology: Understanding the Brain through Computational Models

Brain-machine interfaces establish the direct communication pathway between the brain and external devices.

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