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Countering climate change with the condemned cow

Changing opinion in the scientific community wants the cattle back in field to solve a problem it started.

How NASA keeps astronauts healthy

Since the ISS is a closed environment, astronauts are at risk of developing illnesses that could spread rapidly throughout the crew.

Role of genetics in infectious diseases spread, genetical evolution

Host and pathogen genetic variations play a crucial role in spreading infectious diseases.

The consequences of long-COVID and post-COVID

Ever since the emergence of COVID-19, it has caused the ripples of research in biomedical sciences, pathology, virology, genetics, pharmacology and drug designing.

Chronic diseases: An interplay of infections and our genome

Chronic and especially cardiometabolic diseases are the culmination of multiple risk factors ranging from genetic predispositions and sedentary lifestyles to stress.

Antibiotic resistance: A war against an invisible pandemic

Scientists predict that within the next 20 years, we will be in the post-antibiotic age, where something as small as a cut could be lethal.

Biofuel— a potential solution to fuel price hikes and a stable economy

The primary aim of this research is to generate massive amounts of biofuel with a cost-effective method.

Shooting Food Insecurity in South Asia

Hunger is not merely an issue of charity; it is the issue of justice concerning the availability, distribution, and utilization of food resources.

How Data is Changing Medicine

The result of a study which constitutes thousands of participants, are added to different software, depending on the type of tests that is being run.

Pakistani Startup TransHelp selected among top teams by Gilead Sciences Hackathon for HIV 2021

The TransHelp - a Pakistan-based Startup, become the first Pakistani startup to be selected among the top 10 finalists across 31 countries for its...

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