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Healthy diets increase the economic and physical feasibility of 1.5°C

A more sustainable, flexitarian diet increases the feasibility of the Paris Agreement climate goals in different ways.

Love-Hate Relationship between the Gut Microbiota and the Brain

The gut, where microbiota are located, has mainly been postulated to be the primary site of pathologies that give rise to neurodegenerative diseases.

What You Eat Matters: Nutrition and Infectious Diseases

Nutritionally compromised individuals may suffer from anorexia, decreased intestinal absorption & metabolic rate.

Looking at the ‘Anti’ in Antinutrients

It can be said without a doubt that every person is aware of the term ‘nutrient.’ We hear it almost every day from TV...

Obesity – A food disorder

Muhammad Waqar underwent a weight loss surgery nearly in 2017 at the age of 34. He was caught by obesity. A fit and smart...

A Granola a Day keeps the Hunger Pangs at Bay

“Go ahead, try it! I’m telling you’re gonna love it.” my brother prodded us for the umpteenth time as the family sat at the...

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away. Myth or Reality?

All of us are familiar with the expression: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” While the positive effects of eating fruits are generally...

Review: Better Brain Health – We Are What We Eat

Nowadays, we are constantly bombarded with facts such as how chocolate can be used as a stress reliever, is organic food better than processed,...

The Faults in our Food Foibles: A Guide to Eating Better

Food is a solid part of every event in the culture of Pakistan. Whether it may be a joyous occasion like a wedding ceremony...

It’s not a diet; it is a lifestyle- Heart-to-heart with Fareeha Jay

I believe in sustainable changes—something which can be done for life~ Jay

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