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Role of genetics in infectious disease spread

The genetic makeup of a person or population can play a vital role in determining susceptibility to contagious diseases.

Science and Warfare

The emerging trends of using new technologies for war strategies have underlined a couple of unresolved security puzzles that have implications for international security and defense policies.

Data lies in the Core of Digital World

Big data is challenging the way people live as it contributes to every sphere of life.

Food trends in South Asia

We don't need Bar BQ's, burger, pizza, ice cream, and candy corn to survive. They are not essentials of food requirements still an indispensable part of modern lifestyle.

Archeology and Public’s interest

We hope that this issue lays out at least some of the definitive questions that archeological research and activities have the potential to interact with the public.

Failing by Design; Pakistan’s Healthcare System

The government's poor policies in healthcare resulted in the scarcity of choices regarding effective diagnostic and medical services

A note from the Editor on Scientia Pakistan’s 1st Anniversary

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower, whereas creativity could be a pass time or hobby, but the best creativity is a result of a...

Biggest threats to wildlife and endangered species

From Pakistan to the Middle East, from the Middle East to US states; From US states to Australia and Amazon, Wildlife did not have...

Scientists who knocked down Disability Barriers

Scientific research barely designed to meet the basic necessities of scientists have some disabilities.

Super-Earths— the potentially habitable candidates for Life

More often than not mankind acquired his knowledge of the universe in much the same way that a child learns about the society which...

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