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Food and Environment: What’s on Your Plate will affect what’s around You

Our Irresponsible practices result in deforestation, artificial animal breeding and selection, more land-air, and water pollution from industrial waste.

What You Eat Matters: Nutrition and Infectious Diseases

Nutritionally compromised individuals may suffer from anorexia, decreased intestinal absorption & metabolic rate.

How weather revolutionizes the food delivery

Imagine opening the door to finding your pizza in the hands of a robotic delivery man!

Shooting Food Insecurity in South Asia

Hunger is not merely an issue of charity; it is the issue of justice concerning the availability, distribution, and utilization of food resources.

Food trends in South Asia

We don't need Bar BQ's, burger, pizza, ice cream, and candy corn to survive. They are not essentials of food requirements still an indispensable part of modern lifestyle.

Mind over Food; the Psychology of Eating

What reason is there that we like certain foods but dislike others? Let us take a moment to ponder on some of the theories.

It’s not a diet; it is a lifestyle- Heart-to-heart with Fareeha Jay

I believe in sustainable changes—something which can be done for life~ Jay

Ketogenic Diet; don’t blame the butter for what the bread did

The keto diet demands the elimination of certain types of legumes, vegetables, and grains, which are considered beneficial for the body.

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