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Exploring Neuroscience in Zero Gravity

Space neuroscience studies how the central nervous system functions during spaceflight.

We Eagerly wait when both Hubble and JWST will work Conjointly

"Together they can solve more mysteries than either one can by itself." ~Mansoor Ahmad

“The Farthest”—NASA’s Documentary Voyages to the Outer Space

The documentary "The Farthest", encompasses the achievements of all the brilliant scientists and engineers who played their part in sending Voyager 1 & 2 into space.

The earliest Gigantic Galactic Winds discovered

This is a critical discovery as it can help shed ‘light’ on the development of galaxies.

Hayabusa-2 sample return mission lands in Australian desert

The Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa 2 brings a small cache of asteroid Ryugu's rocks to the Earth.

Osiris-Rex spacecraft lands on asteroid Bennu for collecting dust samples

The Osiris-Rex spacecraft has completed its audacious tag-and-go manoeuvre designed to grab surface rock from an asteroid.

Does space exploration justify its cost?

To get an insight into how such exploration opens the frontier, we run down five top reasons why space exploration is significant.

Goddard’s Legacy on Space Exploration

Perhaps the greatest influence and the lifelong gift of Goddard to humanity was his deep understanding of rocketry, inspiration, and celebration that space travel would be a reality in a few decades or so later.

China, UAE, U.S all probing Mars. What’s the difference?

What the different approaches, features, and objectives of the missions sent under different space programs by the CNSA, the UAESA and NASA last month of July 2020.


NASA is hosting a special edition NASA APPS COVID-19 CHALLENGE on May 30-31, 2020.

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