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Astronaut Scot Kelly’s stellar year in the outer space

Can humanity’s grand dream of traveling to Mars ever be achieved?

Meet Namira Salim, the “first Pakisani Astronaut to be”

Salim became a symbol of women's empowerment when she was awarded the 'First Pakistani Astronaut' title in 2006

JPL – The Hub of Exploration and Achievement

Established at the Caltech campus in California, USA, this center has been a prime innovator and a partner with NASA

YURI GAGARIN: The First Man in space

The stars and heavens have always been fascinating humankind. Ancient hunter groups relied on celestial objects during the long journeys for the right...

Robert H. Goddard: From Moon man to Father of modern rocketry

The dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.

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