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The Germ Files: Seven Books about Diseases Outbreaks to Add to Your TBR

Seven books that will introduce you to the colourful world of outbreaks, infections and killer pathogens.

Six space-related books you should read (fiction/nonfiction)

The more one explores, the more one knows about the general understanding of nature at work.

Book Review; Islam, Sci-Fic & Extraterrestrial Life by Jörg Matthias Determann

Determann encompasses different concepts of the alien in Muslim societies across the globe, from South Asia to Turkey and Arabia to Africa.

Book Review: The Fabric of the Cosmos

In his second book, The Fabric of the Cosmos, popular string theorist Brian Greene deals with some of the most intriguing concepts within the...

Books & Movies With Amazing Animal Tales

It is very rare that movies and novels depict a good animal theme and do full justice to it. With this month’s theme being...

Book Summary and Analysis – ATHENA’S CHOICE by Adam Boostrom

The recently published book, "Athena’s Choice" is a Sci-Fi novel with a gripping plot that peeks into the future and predicts the role...

Book Review: Deception Point by Dan Brown

It is certainly an exceptional treat for inquisitive minds

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