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Book Summary and Analysis – ATHENA’S CHOICE by Adam Boostrom

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The recently published book, “Athena’s Choice” is a Sci-Fi novel with a gripping plot that peeks into the future and predicts the role of AI in human lives. It was first released in 2018 and has since received a flow of positive remarks and reviews on websites like Goodreads and Amazon. The main genres of the book include Artificial intelligence, crime/ mystery, and bioterrorism.

The story told in the year 2099, where we are introduced to Athena Vosh, a girl living in the US and a world dominated by womankind. Men have become extinct due to a virus that caused the Y-Fever. Initially, the virus was used in battles against armies, but affected the whole male population of the world, leaving behind the vulnerable and more sensitive of the women. The women of the world are divided into two parties; one who supports that men should be brought back, and the other, who believe that the world could not be a better place without the vices and treachery of the other gender. The later, therefore, strongly oppose the Project Lazarus, which aims to save the male species of human beings.

The plot twists when the Lazarus Genome has been stolen and Athena Vosh is contacted by Public Safety Headquarters to assist officer Valerie Bell in the mysterious case of the Lazarus Genome. Together, they work as a team to interview several scientists including, the influential Grace Antares. The suspense increases as they get closer to unraveling the mystery of the Genome, coupled with Athena’s confusing dreams.

The book has been written in a smooth and catchy style, not letting the reader’s attention waver. Snippets of informative passages about the technology and news of the era have beautifully fitted between the chapters. These provide an insight into the world in which Athena lives.

The story is told in the year 2099, where we are introduced to Athena Vosh, a girl living in the US and a world dominated by womankind

The topic was challenging and attempted well. Although there are a few ambiguities left in the reader’s mind after reading the novel, for example, how can food be printed, as described by the author? The technology seemed too far-fetched to me at times e.g., how her Home unit prints Athena’s clothes. Life and its extravagances seem very unrealistic throughout the book, and how can a student like Athena, who lives with her friend, afford this kind of lifestyle?

I observed the message behind the story that the author tried to convey; that both genders are equally necessary for the lifecycle and the normal functioning of society. Feminism is not healthy at all, and both men and women should accept each other’s faults to embrace equality and understanding. A world without men is not the solution to vices like rape and harassment.

Also, stress has been laid upon handling biological samples like genomes with the utmost care. It has shown how, in the future, computers will be able to serve humanity in everyday tasks and chores.

Athena’s choice has won the 2019 National Indie Excellence Award for Visionary fiction, the 2019 Maxy Award for Science fiction and has been nominated as a finalist for the 2019 NIEA for science fiction.

About the Author

Boostrom with Athena's choice
Boostrom with Athena’s choice

Adam Boostrom is a former national merit scholar, valedictorian, championship wrestler, and Kiwanis award recipient.

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